Top leading car battery repair services in Dubai at Battery Guru

Top leading car battery repair services in Dubai at Battery Guru

Battery Guru give 24 hour 7 day Complete Car Battery replacement services to your homework or roadside. We replace or car battery repair in Dubai perform repairs on alternator, starter engines when your vehicle has issues with starting, turning over, charging light is on, battery is level and requires supplanting or other car starting issues we can offer assistance. We can supplant these on location at your area if required; we likewise test the charging of the battery to guarantee your battery will start next time. All our Century batteries accompany guarantee. With Battery Guru, once supplanted we test the charging framework or charging rate to ensure the battery will keep on holding a charge and start you next time. We additionally test drive the car to guarantee all is alright when warmed up and at working temperature.

Try not to discard your profitable hardware in light of the fact that the batteries won’t charge, or are broken, or you can’t get replacements. Numerous new batteries that are purchased from retail locations or over the web are more established stock which implies the life expectancy of the battery will be shorter than a battery that has been provided by Battery Guru with new top notch cells. For clients who require pressing repacking or can’t manage the cost of down time Battery Guru offer a scope of credit control drills while the repacking is being finished. All batteries are repacked at our Duabi production line and repacking regularly takes 2 to 4 endless supply of the flawed battery/s. All batteries are execution tried before coming back to the client and battery repacking has a one year come back to base guarantee. Batteries can be dropped off and gotten from our Dubai industrial facility or couriered across the nation. Our batteries contain more lead plates, which direct the charge, guaranteeing a more drawn out life expectancy. We remain by our items and parts in the learning that we are taking care of your best advantages over the long haul.

Furthermore, we put our cash where our mouth is! Each car battery we offer accompanies a guarantee! That is the sort of value, unwavering quality and duty you just find with Battery Guru. It’s not quite recently our mechanics that are the best in the business, yet our parts as well! Also, discussing Mechanics, in the event that you need to find out about car battery repair in Dubai, or which one is most appropriate to your vehicle and necessities, at that point please fly in and have a visit. Our accomplished, learned and proficient staff will gladly help you. We can give specialized help on purchasing the right battery and disclose the most ideal approach to take care of it.

On the off chance that you are hoping to purchase another car and you are uncertain about the condition of the car battery, we give battery assessment benefit. Our advanced car battery analyzer will rapidly give you a mechanized printout to take a gander at which will enable you to obviously observe what to express your car battery is in. Having a flawed car battery is a typical issue. Actually, a level battery is the absolute most regular explanation behind calling car battery repair in Dubai Battery Guru – frequently requiring a jump-start or replacement car battery.

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