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Welcome to Battery Guru UAE

Welcome to Battery Guru UAE. We have been providing to the general public and trade all types of Care batteries in the UAE since before 2005. We stock all leading brand batteries such as Varta, Lucas, Bosch, Optima, Numax, Sonnenschein and Trojan - which are all fully guaranteed.

We are the UAE car battery specialists and provide a nationwide delivery service supplying top brand heavy duty car batteries for all makes and models of cars including petrol and diesel engined vehicles. We are also able to offer a fitting service in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi areas.


Your car's motor may keep running on gas yet its electrical segments, including the headlights, inside hardware and turn flag lights, keep running off a battery. At the point when your car's battery is old, depleted or generally not working legitimately, you may encounter issues extending from a languid motor begin to spilling battery corrosive or a "check motor" light on your dashboard. Regardless of whether you're performing routine upkeep or endeavoring to rapidly take care of an unforeseen battery issue, Battery Guru has the provisions you have to take care of business at Every Day Low Prices. Battery Guru's car division offers an assortment of car battery choices in various sizes and voltages notwithstanding helpful car battery UAE-related adornments, for example, versatile battery chargers, jumper links and charging framework screens. A large number of the batteries and embellishments are accessible with free two-day delivery or same-day in-store pickup so you can rapidly recover your car or truck up and running.

Breakdown circumstances can happen whenever. In the event that you get got with a flat battery, have secured your keys in the car or your vehicle comes up short on fuel, basically Battery Guru, your trusted nearby emergency roadside help master. Car battery delivery Dubai has no yearly enrollment charges or irritating roadside joining expenses that aggravate your breakdown encounter even. Did you realize that Roadside Assistance participation does exclude the cost of a battery? Roadside Assistance suppliers charge you for the battery so don't agree to second best, pick Battery Guru, Dubai's put stock in battery expert.

A flat tire Dubai is something no one needs in light of the fact that a flat tire will abandon you stranded close by the street. At the point when a tire loses all its air, is loses its lightness and the capacity to help weight. Unless the tire is an exceptional sort of tire called a "Battery Guru", the sidewalls are not sufficiently solid to help the heaviness of the car unless there is a sure measure of gaseous tension inside the tire. So a puncture or release that enables the tire to lose air will make the tire crumple and go flat. Any tire, new or old, can go flat in the event that it is punctured or spills air. New tires have thicker treads so are more impervious to punctures than worn tires with more slender treads. Yet, the more profound treads on another tire can likewise channel sharp questions into the tire really expanding the danger of a puncture on the off chance that you drive over a nail or other sharp protest.

Your battery is a standout amongst the most critical parts of your vehicle. All things considered, on the off chance that it flops so does everything else. Remain in control with appropriate battery upkeep and substitution. Notwithstanding offering premium car battery fixing services, Battery Guru gives the consolation that your vehicle is being settled by a prepared proficient expert. Regardless of whether your car battery is coming up short or you trust you have an issue with an alternator or starter, we have you covered. As vehicles' electrical frameworks turn out to be more intricate, it is basic for the battery and related electrical segments to work perfectly. Our battery establishment benefit is performed by proficient professionals who are prepared on the most proficient method to benefit complex beginning and charging frameworks.

Battery Guru is a Dubai, UAE based repaid emergency tyre puncture Dubai service provider. We provides rapid solutions whether you are on the road, in your building parking, at home or in the workshop. Battery Guru is equipped with expert technicians and helpful customer service agents. Our committed response time to each service call is within forty five minutes to one hour depending on the location. Every one of the operations at Battery Guru are totally computerized and cur control room is operated by properly trained, customer friendly, service oriented and experienced multi-lingual staff.

Welcome to Battery Guru UAE. We have been providing to the general public and trade all types of Care batteries in the UAE since before 2005.
Welcome to Battery Guru UAE. We have been providing to the general public and trade all types of Care batteries in the UAE since before 2005.
Welcome to Battery Guru UAE. We have been providing to the general public and trade all types of Care batteries in the UAE since before 2005.


Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

We invest heavily in our staff to ensure they achieve the level of service and supply expected by our customers. Our selection, training and vetting procedures ensure the people we employ are professionals and they carry out their duties in a manner that reflects their training and skills in a positive manner.

We react quickly to customer needs and can tailor each contract uniquely to the customer's requirements.

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